SEA - An Autonomous Underwater Vehicle


We proposed an Underwater vehicle using only three thrusters and achieving six DOF. The proposed vehicle can be deployed for military applications which involves strategic placement of this vehicle at sensitive areas on the borderline to ensure surveillance of any objectionable activity underwater and thus help strengthen the Defense System. Input data will be taken from two on-board, industrial-grade Cameras, an Inertial Measurement Unit and a SONAR sensor. The design involves a buoyancy mechanism, initiated by rotatory pneumatic actuators and servo mounted Thrusters, eliminating the need for five or six thrusters for six degrees of freedom. The use of only 3 thrusters cuts the cost to a considerable extent. MATLAB software is to be used for extensive image processing and the entire software architecture uses the Linux framework. A pneumatic actuator mechanism is also used for a gripper attachment to allow the vehicle to pick up objects. A torpedo shooting mechanism is also included in the proposed design for military applications.

System Prototype
System Prototype 2


Sameer Hasan


Dr. Saleem Anwar Khan


Dept. of Mechanical Engg, ZHCET, AMU


Oct 2015 - Jan 2017

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vo give six degrees of freedom, thus cutting cost to a considerable extent. MATLAB software is to be used