MPPT for PV Panels


We proposed multiple maximum power point tracking algorithms w.r.t. different ambient conditions in which the photovoltaic panels are used. Extremely fast - Direct Duty algorithm was proposed had feature of being temperature tolerant suitable for extreme environments and shady conditions. Precise and fast - Mutable Duty algorithm was proposed for efficient convergence to the MPP in stable enviromental conditions. Combination of these algorithms are used to develop algorithms for usability in partial shading conditions. Along with this, we implemented a Fuzzy algorithm with custom membership functions on FPGA. Majority of testing was done with 200W PV panel. We also built a custom 40W solar PV emulator.

MPPT System Developed Appratus
Comparision of one of the proposed algorithm
RTL of Fuzzy System based MPPT
Custom Built 40W PV Panel Simulator


M. Aslam Husain

Afshan Illyas


Prof. Abu Tariq


Center of Renewable Energy, ZHCET, AMU


2014 - 2016

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